De Kaas Club


De Kaas Club is a community of cheese enthusiasts who have a genuine interest in exploring the background of cheeses. In addition to informative tastings, each gathering features a lecture by Betty Koster, the renowned Dutch cheese expert. With a commitment to seasonality, every month brings a new theme and a collaboration with a complementary product in a different location. All products and knowledge are sourced from Fromagerie l'Amuse.

Art direction, identity design, photography, online campaign, social media, styling, website design
Studio FFF Initiative in collaboration with l’Amuse

how it started

This is not the first time that Studio FFF has been interested in eating and drinking together. This club was created from a purely personal interest. As cheese lovers, we wanted to know more about the background of these traditionally made regional products. As Kaas Club editions went by, our love for not only the taste, but also the stories, grew bigger and bigger. Along with that of other enthusiasts who joined in along the way.

graphic identity

Because we often refer to old stories and crafts during the Kaas Club afternoons, we wanted to incorporate a touch of nostalgia into the club's graphics. To make it a little more contemporary, we used modern typography and clean grids. Combining crafty and modern elements gives a certain playfulness we love.


Concept & ideation Studio FFF Amsterdam
Design & photography Studio FFF Amsterdam
Products & knowledge Betty Koster, Fromagerie L'Amuse

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