LAB111 is a quirky cult cinema located in an old pathological anatomical laboratory in Amsterdam. Their unique programming consists of special classics and fresh perspectives. By combining abstracted design elements from the building and and use key film imagery, we create a casual art house atmosphere that serves a wide range of cultural events.

Overall identity, illustraton, photography, website-, product-, packaging- & interior design


At the start of the new LAB111 exploitation in 2016, LAB111 needed to create a new and impactful brand within the saturated cultural scene of Amsterdam. Quite quickly it was decided the aim was to generate recognizability by the use of unambiguous style elements that can be used for steadiness, without losing the fun and quirky vibes the place has.

concept & creative

By keeping the logo elements as clean and simple as possible we’ve created a modernist monogram. This in the colors of the fun, yet funky, colorful installation (Wall Paintings) in the entrance of LAB111 by Jan van der Ploeg.  This simple design carrier could be used for many different outlets and messages while being consistent and outspoken.

In the early years of the brand we stayed close to the design grid to maintain recognisability. The blue, pink and the three stripes were key features online and offline. Now we gain a wider brand recognition with merchandise (collector) items for the cineast and a yearly a new batch of Stranamore wines, from LAB111's vinyard in Perugia (Italy).




Art direction & design Studio FFF Amsterdam
llustration Studio FFF Amsterdam
Photography Studio FFF Amsterdam & QiQi Visuals

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