Maand van de geschiedenis


During this Month, Atria takes you on a journey and shows you that our history has not only been shaped by men. Atria lets you meet the women who have permanently changed the world with their eureka moments. In October we celebrate the feminists who fought for the right to abortion, professorship, a safe place regardless of your sexual preference and for women's suffrage.

Graphic design, illustration


We teamed up with Atria to come up with some ideas for this years 'Maand van de geschiedenis' (translated: History Month). We wanted to share stories from We share stories of women whose archives are housed at Atria. Ofcourse doing this in the same energetic and spirit as the chosen inspirators. We came
up with an online campaign, an inspirational walk through Amsterdam, a pub quiz at woman’s bar Saarein and a fun and energetic history lesson.

concept & creative

Because we had the chance to work with amazing archive material we needed to create a design where these stories were fully celebrated.

We created a foldout map to join the walk, this included QR codes to see short video explainers shot by Studio HER. And off course a on- and offline campaign throughout Amsterdam to carry the message of these feminists and get people to participate.


Design & illustration Studio FFF Amsterdam
Archive Atria
Video Studio HER

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