Paarse Vrijdag


Paarse Vrijdag (Purple Friday) is a day on which pupils and students can celebrate their solidarity with the LGBT+ community by wearing the color purple at school. In the Netherlands, this day has been celebrated every year since 2010 on the second Friday of December.

Graphic design, illustration


For the first time this year, primary schools are also participating in Purple Friday. This required a campaign that appeals to students and primary school teachers. It must be activating for the teachers and suitable for the different age groups and topics.

concept & creative

By adopting the use of color from the national Purple Friday campaign, we remain close to the larger national campaign. The illustrative style makes it easy to link different expressions together in a recognizable way.

Several campaign elements come together on this project. From photography by QiQi Visuals to video portraits by De Transketeers. The style of the campaign, used across all elements, ensures recognizability through an approachable and positive communication.


Graphic design & illustration Studio FFF Amsterdam
Photography QiQi Visuals
Video De Transketeers

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