Safety Training for Female Journalists


To make women journalists more resilient towards intimidations and to help them protect themselves, Free Press Unlimited developed a comprehensive safety training curriculum for safety trainers integrating elements on physical, digital, and psycho-social safety for an offline training.

Art direction, identity design, online campaign, website design, illustration
Free Press Unlimited


How do you ensure that women from different parts of the world have access to resources to safely carry out their work as journalists? And how do you create a character or mascot that is recognizable to all who will use this platform? We have tried to create an open platform where important, and sometimes heavy, information can be accessed and used in a light-hearted manner.

the character/mascot

We have created a character that guides the user through the website and database. She will appear inquisitive, decisive and friendly. She will sometimes be like a mirror for the user: both are looking for the right resources to do her work as a journalist safely.


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