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Project Halfvol

Project Halfvol photographs half full beer glasses in Amsterdam cafes that are affected by the corona measures. In this way we try to give a positive sound from the catering industry and generous donors and regulars can contribute by obtaining a photo print. Together we support the place where we are always welcomed with open arms: the café.


Art direction, identity design, photography, online campaign, social media, styling, website design


Studio FFF initiative

Production: Lizzy van Hulst




Cafes that participated:

Pollux, Cafe 't Lommertje, De Ceuvel, Cafe Bouwman, Eddy Bar, Cafe Rooseboom, Cafe de Prins, Cafe Brandon, Cafe Nol, Cafe Thijssen, tHuis Aan De Amstel, Cafe de Zon, Spijkerbar, Cafe Vrijdag, De Rijncantine, Cafe Saarein, Bar Botanique, Cafe de Keu, De Zotte & Tap Zuid

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